Amazon Echo アマゾンエコー

I saw Amazon Echo on an American television program

Although at first I didn’t know what it was, I came to realized that it was an AI assistant like Siri.  I myself don’t use Siri much as I don’t like talking to my smartphone in public.  I know I can use Siri by typing, but for that I can use Safari instead.

Still I thought it would be nice to talk to an AI assistant at home.   It saves me the trouble of opening up a smartphone or tablet.

So I got Amazon Echo Dot.  It took me some time to connect it to WiFi, but I managed.

I made the language English so that my husband can use it also.  I still need to set some more stuff. When we ask for the weather It tells us the temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.

アメリカのテレビ番組でアマゾン Echoを使っているのをみたことがありました



ということで早速安い方のAmazon Echo Dotを手に入れて見ました。WiFiに繋ぐところでちょっと時間がかかりましたが、無事できました。