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Android 2 アンドロイド 2

One of our neighbours called me this morning

He said the email icon on his smartphone had disappeared yesterday, so he asked if I could get it back.

He visited after lunch.  I have used some Android smartphones and I still have two, but his smartphone was different.  I found out that he had lost only the icon; the application was still in the smartphone.  I tried several things but nothing worked.

I didn’t know what to do any more, then I asked him if he had received email to his smartphone recently.  He said “Maybe, but I have no way to check it as there is no icon”.  So I sent him email from my tablet.  He got the notification and he could see the inbox.  Then we found that he had the icon back on the display.

So I put the icon where it was before, and we were both happy.  He said “If I had to go to the shop it would take me about 30 minutes by car and I would have to wait for an hour or so as it is always crowded.  You saved me a lot of time.  Thank you!”

I was happy too, as I didn’t need to say “Sorry, I can’t do it,  You will have to go to the shop.”







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