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Windows PC ウインドウズ コンピューター

Suddenly my PC got an error code 0xc0000034 on a blue screen.

Panicked!  Got my iPad and started searching for a way to fix it.  I have no OS disc as the OS is now Windows10, but the original OS was 8.  I remember I created some discs when I upgraded to 8.1, but not 10.

The trouble seems to be that something required to boot the PC is missing.  As long as I can get the HD data, it is not that bad.  Losing the data would be way too much trouble.

I used to use both a desktop for home and a laptop when I go out, but I decided to use only a laptop, thinking it would be better to have all the data in one PC.  Soon, I realized it was not so great.  I had too much important data on the laptop that I couldn’t afford to lose if it was lost or broken while carrying it outside. So I bought a MacBook for outside and kept a Windows PC at home.  I didn’t expect that the PC would break.

I had been thinking that it was time to do a back up, but suddenly it was too late.  When it is fixed, I will back up the data more often.



トラブルは PCを起動するのに何かが足らないようです。ハードディスク内のデータが無事なら被害は酷くはありません。なくなると困るデータもあります。



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