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Windows ウインドウズ

The first PC I bought was expensive.

There was no Windows, and the PC used a 5.2 inch floppy disk.  I used DOS.  Then Windows 3.1 came and I felt it was great.  The floppy disk became 3.5 inch.

Now we use USB memory or an SD card, smaller than the 3.5 inch floppy, but they can hold more data.

The PC became very popular in such a short time, and it underwent a lot of improvements.  The price also became affordable.  I lost count of how many PCs I have used so far.

I could keep up through to Windows XP because I worked with it.  Now I am completely out of date and I am stuck with a broken Windows 10 PC.

The version I liked the best was Windows 2000.






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