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Catheter Ablation  カテーテルアブレーション 

I had arrhythmia for a long time and it became worse when I was tired or stressed.

Last year, I started having atrial fibrillation for no reason so I started having some medication.  After one month, I felt dizzy and found my memory got very bad. I couldn’t even remember how to unlock my car and I got panicked.

My home doctor checked my heart condition with Holter electrocardiography, and then told me to go to a specialist right away.  I was told that my heart stopped for nearly 5 seconds from time to time.  Then I went to a big hospital and was told to stop taking the medicine and to stay in the hospital for one week.

As a result, I was told that catheter ablation could be the best treatment, so I had to find a hospital with the ability to do this treatment. We decided to go to a hospital in Tokyo.

I had catheter ablation last November.  It was much easier than I thought, I only needed to stay in the hospital for 4 days.

The first catheter ablation didn’t cure me so I had a second one in February this year.  Now I have no atrial fibrillation I am very happy about that.






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