Lee Filters カメラレンズフィルター

When I cleaned my camera cabinet, I found many lens filters

I can edit photos easily with Photoshop, so I don’t use filters any more.

Three sheets of sunrise filters were never used.  Three sheets of sunset filters were used sometimes: one never used, one used a few times, and one used many times.

I checked the prices to sell them on the internet flea market.  I was surprised that most of the prices are about double what I paid for them.   If I ever want to use them, it would be too expensive to buy them now, so I have stopped trying to sell them.

I could only use the sunrise filters in the morning, so I don’t know when I would use them.  It is hard to get up early in the morning.



Sunrise Filter3枚セットは一度も使っていないようでした。Sunset Filter3枚セットは数回使ったような形跡がありました。他のも使用していないフィルターが一枚、数回の使用のフィルターが1枚、結構使ったフィルターが一枚ありました。


Sunrise Filterは朝早く起きないと使えないので、いつ使うかは不明ですが。