Gardening ガーデニング

Time to cut the weeds.

I knew it when I got up in the morning and looked outside – no rain, sunny but not too hot, time to cut the weeds. Then I checked the weather forecast with my iPhone and finally I decided – “OK, I will work outside today, but not too long, one hour to cut the weeds with my weed cutter. I  needed to fire myself up for the hard work.

My weed cutter is battery powered and can only operate 30 minutes with a fully charged battery.  I have two batteries so I can work just one hour with it.

After breakfast I dressed for gardening and went outside.  It was a bit windy, but not hot.  I started by cutting weeds. I didn’t get sweaty so I thought  “It’s not a bad day to work outside”.  So after cutting the weeds I also arranged the flower garden.

I worked for two hours and now I have pain in my arms.  It is a nice feeling to have a clean garden, though I was able to do only the part of it that people can see from the road.