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Gardens by the bay ガーデンバイザベイ

It is a botanical park in Singapore

There is a Flower Dome, a Cloud Forest, and a Super Tree Walk.  It is always hot in Singapore but the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest were nice and cool inside, though we needed to walk a bit to these attraction.  We could have taken the Garden Cruise tram, but we decided to walk as there could be some interesting places to take photos.

When we went there in 2013, the park wasn’t completed. I remember the Super Tree Walk and a park called “Kingfisher park”  which had no actual kingfisher birds, but a big kingfisher statue.  Many things were under construction.

In Flower Dome, there were a lot of flowers and statues and they were all displayed very well.  It was the Halloween display when we went there but now it is the Christmas display.

Singapore is trying to attract tourists and building a lot of attractions.  I don’t think I would go to Gardens by the bay again, but it is a nice place to visit once.






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