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Guitar Ensenble  ギターアンサンブル 

My husband used to play music together with some friends when we lived in Tokyo, sometimes in a rental music studio or in Yoyogi park on weekends.

Four years later when we moved to the countryside, he decided to join a guitar ensemble club. They mainly play classical music, so he bought a new classical guitar. I wasn’t sure if he would go on, as he likes blues and rock music, but we hoped to get to know people through members of the club who like to play blues and rock music.

The instructor of the club is great. He can play many types of music. The club sometimes goes to play at retirement homes, and when it comes to karaoke sing-along time, he never fails to play their favourite tunes and can even change the key according to the singers voice.

Together with the instructor and a bass guitar player, my husband has some chances to play the Beatles songs. I also enjoy listening to them.






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