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Grand Canyon グランドキャニオン

I am now sorting photos of the Grand Canyon taken in 2009

We left before and came back after the golden week holiday: 19 days total.  It wasn’t difficult to take days-off at the company where I worked and my husband was a contractor, so we managed.  I checked work email every day all the same and asked for support at work when necessary.

We flew into San Francisco, and drove to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and Death Valley.  I liked all the places, but I liked Grand Canyon the best.  It wasn’t my first time to visit there, but still I never got bored watching the views.  We spent three days there. I took a lot of photos from sunrise to sunset.

I was surprised to hear that there was a plan to make a dam there.  I hope no one will destroy that great nature.

Antelope has 2 canyons, upper and lower.  I liked the lower one better.  The color of rocks were amazing.

There were many more things during the trip and sorting the photos, I remember as if it were yesterday.






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