Columbia コロンビア

If you hear “Columbia”, what would you think: country, river or university? 

For me, it is an outdoor product.

The first thing I bought from Columbia was trekking shoes.  I have tried other brands, but now I only buy Columbia trekking shoes.

After we moved to the countryside we had more opportunity to go to the mountains,  so we decided to get better shoes for trekking.

We went to a Columbia shop and tried some shoes.  My husband chose 28cm ones and I chose 25cm ones.  They are both 1cm bigger than our everyday shoes.

Until then, my toes sometimes hurt when I climbed down.  But with 25cm shoes, I tie the strap tight around my ankle, so my toes don’t touch the shoe toe when going down a steep hill.  I used to hate going down, but now I like it.

I also wear Columbia shoes for everyday now.  For shoe size, if the shoes are for women only, I get 25cm. For unisex shoes, 24cm is the best fit for me.


国、川、大学? 私の「コロンビア」はアウトドア用品です。