Discount tickets in Singapore シンガポールの割引チケット

Before we left for Singapore, I found a site to get discounted tickets for Singapore attractions.

Once we got to Singapore, we found out that we could also buy discount tickets with the Handy Phone, so we compared prices every  time.  The site I found in Japan was Voyajin.

To find the cheapest tickets you have to compare prices at Voyagin, with Handy Phone, and at the attraction itself. Sometimes there are senior (over 60) discounts (but not at voyagin). At Singapore zoo there can be a discount for a combined zoo plus river safari and night safari ticket.

One thing to be careful about is that if you can’t print out paper tickets, you have to show the e-ticket bar code on the Handy Phone or smartphone, so the battery has to be charged.


ホテルで貸して貰ったHandy Phoneでも安く買えるとわかったので、安いほうを買うようにしました。日本で探したサイトはVoyajinというサイトです。