SIM for Singapore シンガポールSIM

I bought a Singtel SIM at Changi airport.

We were going to stay in Singapore for 6 days, but I bought a SIM for 5 days.  If I bought a SIM for 10 days the price was double, and I knew we would get a free smartphone from the hotel.  I thought I could go without my smartphone for one day.

It was a good deal: $15 for 500 minutes of local calls, 30 minutes of international calls, plus 4GB of data.  Also, unlimited use for Facebook and LINE was included.

I decided to wait until the next day to put the SIM into my iPhone so I didn’t ask them to do it at the shop.  The manual said “Insert your hi! Tourist SIM card into your mobile device and make your first call, SMS message, or use data to get started.”

The next day, I inserted the SIM and tried to connect to the internet.  It didn’t work.  I searched the the internet and found that I needed to delete my Japanese OCN mobile one profile.  After doing that I could connect to the internet.

I used the hotel WiFi when at the hotel so I only used less than 1GB of data with the SIM card, but it was nice that I could access the internet with my own smartphone.  Also, my husband was carrying the hotel smartphone, so in case I couldn’t find him I could make a phone call to him.




最後の日まで使えるように、次の日に使い始めようと思ったので購入した店でSIMを入れてもらいませんでした。マニュアルには「hi!Tourist SIMカードをモバイル機器に差し込んで、最初の通話/SMSをするか、データを使用し始めてください。」とありました。