Ski 3 スキー3

We went skiing yesterday for the first time this season

We normally start skiing in late November or early December, so our starting date this year was later than usual.

The weather forecast was said cloudy, but it became sunny with a blue sky most of the time.

We had a problem at the beginning.  My husband’s ski poles went missing and in their place where he had left them were old, used, and short ski poles.  We went to the reception and they made an announcement, but no one came.

We found that the children taking ski classes had the same poles, so we went to ask the rental place if anyone had brought back my husband’s poles.  The staff told us no, but that there were 40 students on the ski hill, so it could be one of them.

Whenever we passed students on the hill we checked their ski poles, but none of them had the wrong poles. It was the last group we passed. I found my husband’s poles.  It wasn’t a student, but their teacher who was using them.

We asked him about them and he said, ” I rented them”.  He didn’t notice that what he was using weren’t rental ones until we showed him the ones he had actually rented.

We had spent the first 90 minutes looking for the poles.






滑りながらスキー教室の生徒さんのストックをチェックしましたが、なかなか見つかりません。最後のグループでやっと見つけました。生徒さんでなくて引率の先生が使っていました。 先生に聞いてみると「これはレンタルです。」と言われました。デザインが違うのにずっと気づかないでいたようです。