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Ski スキー

I started skiing once we moved to the countryside

The first winter, we snow hiked.  The second winter, I started thinking “If we don’t do anything, the winter is too long and cold.”  One of our neighbours took us to a nearby ski hill.  I had skied only twice before, when I was a student, so I couldn’t really ski.

The result was horrible and the neighbour thought that I would never try again.

I couldn’t believe it, but my husband could ski.  The skis were different from when he had last skied as a college student. His turns were a “Z” instead of an “S”.  Still his body remembered how to ski.

We bought our own skis and went back to that small ski hill several times. Then we started going to ski hills about one to two hours drive away.  I had a lesson once.  I also tried to learn by watching YouTube videos and I asked my husband to teach me. He wasn’t a good instructor, but better than nothing.  He could do S turns by the end of the season.  I learned to ski in the direction I wanted to go and and learned how to stop.  We went skiing 15 times that year.

On the second year, we went 17 times.  I wasn’t good at stopping once I got going fast, so I had to be careful to keep my balance and not fall.  The neighbour who had taken us to the ski hill the previous year was surprised to see me skiing so fast.

On the third year, we went skiing 15 times.  I learned to control my speed (most of the time) and was able to stop.

On the fourth year, we went only 8 times as I wasn’t healthy.  I could stop better than the year before.

Next ski season will be my fifth year. I’m healthy now so I’m looking forward to skiing.










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