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Drive Recorder  ドライブレコーダー

Our drive recorder, SAA3060300, didn’t work well.

I took the micro SD card out to check the recording, but when I put it back the recorder no longer worked.  I tried a different micro SD card, but it didn’t work either.  After a few days it suddenly started working again, so I took the micro SD card out again and checked if it was really recording.  The recording was OK, but the time stamps on the recordings were completely wrong.

We went back to the car dealer that had installed the drive recorder.  The mechanic said that he would need to dismount it and send it back to the manufacturer.  It wasn’t under warranty any more, so if the clock battery inside was worn out, it would cost about 5,000yen. It could be more if something else was wrong.  He told us that a new one would cost about 20,000yen.  So we decided to think about it some more.

In the worst case it would cost us 20,000yen, so we decided to dismount it ourselves and check inside.   My husband and I both like to do things like that.

It took us some time to open it.  I searched the internet, but couldn’t find any information.  We found a very small hole in each side of the drive recorder, and we could see double-backed tape from there so we removed the tape.  We managed to open the drive recorder.  After removing some screws, we found the battery inside.

I found the same battery on the internet. It was about 1,000yen including shipment.  My husband checked the battery and there was still enough power in it.  We couldn’t find anything else wrong, so we reassembled it.

I set the right time in the micro SD card, installed it in the car, and did a trial recording.  Both the recording and the time stamp were right this time.

We don’t know what happened, but we saved some money.









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