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Nikon D750 ニコンD750

I’m happy with my new camera.

Together with the 28mm to 300mm lens, I’m very happy with the photo quality.  The camera and lens are a bit heavy to carry, but I managed.  I took a lot of photos in Singapore.

The only trouble I have now is my Windows PC.  After erasing all the out-of-focus photos, I still have about 1500 photos.  I would like to check them one by one with my Windows PC because it has a 24-inch display,  but I don’t have enough disk space to move even one of the original four folders from an external HD.  I had to divide them into a larger number of folders.

I open each photo with Photoshop, then edit and save it.  After doing a few photos my PC stops working and I have to reboot it.

My PC is nearly 5 years old and is not working well, so I may have to get a new one.






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