Photoshop フォトショップ

The first version I used was Photoshop 7.

I found it expensive to keep upgrading to the newest version.  I used 7 for a long time, but I started having problems editing RAW files, so I bought CS3.  After that I upgraded to CS5 and CS6.

Then it became CC, and there were no more upgrades.  I have to pay every month now, but I found it quite nice as I don’t need to worry about editing RAW files any more.  Every time I get a new camera with a new RAW format, Photoshop supports the new format right away.

I installed Photoshop CC to both Windows and MacBook, so I can use the same version in both PCs.




Photoshopは2台にインストールできるので、Windows PCとMacBookに入れたので両方とも同じ状態で使えます。