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Create a Blog ブログ作成依頼

I was asked to create a blog

One of our neighbors had an old blog, but wanted to have a new one.  The old one didn’t have a smartphone site and many people access his site with smartphones so he wanted to change it to a new one.

I told him that I was too busy to do it, but he was insistent, as he had tried to do it himself  but failed.  He couldn’t even get an ID and password for a free blog service.

He said, “Just an initial setting is OK, I will do the rest.”  So I said, “OK, just an initial setting.”  I found a blog service, and for a very small fee, the blog could be ad-free.  I created an ID and password and email address for that site and gave it to him.  It took me only 20 minutes and I thought I was done.

Then he started sending me emails saying “I could log in, but after I paid for an ad-free blog, I couldn’t log in any more.”  I tried and I could log in, but the site wasn’t ad- free.

The next day I helped him to make the site ad-free and at the same time I also showed him how to post an article.  Again I thought I was all done.

That night, he sent me email saying “I can’t change the top image.”  I told him that he had to change the tag in CSS.  He didn’t know what CSS is. So I told him to send me the image and I would do it.

It went on and on, he asked me to do so many things.  After a few days, when he couldn’t upload a YouTube video and blamed it on something wrong with his computer, I told him that I wouldn’t help him any more.

The next time If anyone asks me to create a blog site or a homepage, I will ask for some money, so that hopefully more people won’t ask me.










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