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Printer setting プリンター設定

I needed to set the network connection for my printer.

Because of our new WiFi router I needed to change the network settings on my printers.  We have 3 printers and 2 of them have a network connection.  One was easy because there are controls and a display on the printer. I just went to the settings menu, found and selected the new SSID, and set the security key.

The other one wasn’t easy. I kept getting error messages.  After trying hard, I decided to call the printer manufacturer, Epson.

I have been using only Epson printers and have always been happy with them.  The support center was always helpful too.

This time, I told the help staff that the printer works only with a USB cable, and not via the wireless network.  She asked me some questions and told me that the best solution would be to just use the printer with a USB cable.  So I told her that I bought that printer because it can be connected through a wireless network, and that I had been using it over a wireless network connection for 5 years before we got the new router.   She put me on hold many times to ask someone else for help, and told me to try many things, but nothing worked.  At the end, she said that the router could be too far from the printer (It was about 5 meters away with no obstacles in between.), so move the router closer to the printer.  That’s when I gave up and decided to fix it myself.

After searching the internet again for solutions, I managed to connect the router to the printer and then the PC to the printer.  I didn’t need to move the router closer to the printer.





今回は違っていました。USBではつながったけどネットワークではつながらないと伝えたところ、いくつかの質問をされ、その後に「ではUSBケーブルを使ってプリントするのが一番良いと思います。」と言われました。私は「このプリンターを選んだのはネットワークで使えるからです。ルーターを変える前は問題なく使えました。ネットワークで使いたいんです。」彼女は電話を保留にして調べに行き、あれをして、これをして、とたくさんのことを試しましたが結局繋げられませんでした。最後には「ルーターとプリンターが離れすぎているのかもしれません(5メートル、障害物はありません )、近づけられますか。」それで諦めて電話を切り自分でやることにしました。


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