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Help ヘルプ

I got a phone call

It was from a friend.  She was with one of her friends who was in trouble with her iPhone.  She couldn’t do anything with it, so she was asking for help.

I asked her some questions, but all the answers were “I don’t know.”  So I gave up and said, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

Once I got there, I found that her iPhone had just finished updating to a new iOS.  I asked her, “Did you do this?”  Her answer was “No”. Of course I already knew that.

She said she had asked one of her friends who knows about Smartphones well to move photos from her old iPhone which had no SIM, to the new one.  I guessed that he must have used WiFi and somehow, he decided to update the OS.

I asked her “What is your apple ID and password?  Of course her answer was “I don’t know.”, but at least she had all the papers from when she signed up for the iPhone, and everything was written there.

I fixed the iPhone in 10 minutes, and after that, her phone kept ringing as she had missed a lot of phone calls.

She said she always goes to a shop for help but it was late and they were closed.  She thanked me a lot.









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