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MacBook マックブック

I bought a MacBook for outside use.

When we go for a holiday, I take a lot of photos.  Therefore it is nice to have a PC so that I can check the photos I took and also to save the photos.

As the MacBook only has one Type-C port,  I bought 2 hubs.  One has a mini HDMI port, one USB port, and one type-C port.  The other has 3 USB ports.  These were enough ports for outside use, but not as a main PC.

When I connect an external HD I can’t use a mouse.  Or if I want to use 3 USB ports I can’t use a big display.

I need one with a mini HDMI port, at least 3 USB ports, and type-C port.



マックブックにはtype-C ポートがひとつあるだけなので、ハブを2つ手に入れました。ひとつはミニHDMIポート、USBポートがひとつと電源につなげるためにtype-Cポートです。もうひとつはUSBポート3つです。外出用にには十分ですが、メインPCとしては足りません。



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