Glasses メガネ

I had good eyesight until I started working with a PC

It got worse little by little and now I need to wear glasses when I drive.  There is one good thing though.  I don’t need to wear reading glasses yet.  I don’t wear glasses inside the house except when I watch TV.

My sister was surprised when I wrote something down without wearing reading glasses.  Still, when I need to thread a needle, the distance between my eyes and the needle is getting farther every year . I hope to go on without reading glasses for some time yet.



何かのフォームを書くときにメガネなしだったので姉がびっくりしていました。「老眼鏡しなくても見えるの?」 それでも針に糸を通すとき、確実に目と針の距離が広がってきています。あと何年このままでいけるでしょうか。