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Mobile Data モバイルデータ

When we go on holiday, we need internet even more

My mobile data plan allows 3GB of data usage per month, and I can carry over unused allowance to the next month.  When we started the two-week holiday in Shikoku, I had 5GB so I thought I would have enough.  After one week, we had used more than 2GB even though we tried not to use it too much.

Everywhere we had traveled before Shikoku, most of the hotels had free WiFi access so I didn’t need to use my own mobile data access.

In Shikoku, most places we traveled to had free WiFi, but the connections weren’t great so I had to use my own mobile data.  In one hotel, I couldn’t use iPhone VPN so I had to give up using the hotel WiFi.

Also, I didn’t want to use the WiFi at some hotels because they didn’t have a security key. At those hotels I decided to use my mobile data set to slow speed because my mobile data plan doesn’t count slow speed Bytes in the monthly allowance.  It was OK and we managed to still have 2GB of data left when we came home.






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