Gold-banded lily ヤマユリ

We can smell the gold-banded lily now.

At this time of the year they are everywhere, even in our garden, even though we have never planted them.  We bought land with lilies.

They are big and beautiful.  We have more flowers every year.  This year I found more new flowers that weren’t there last year.  I heard it takes more than 5 years for a new plant to bloom.

I never knew that we can eat the lily bulb.  One of our neighbours said that she digs up the bulbs after the flowers are gone, eats some of them (tempura or something else), and plants the rest again for the next season.

One year when she was about to dig them up, she went outside to her garden and found that wild boars were there before her and had eaten most of them.

I will just enjoy the flowers without eating the bulbs.