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Eucalyptus  ユーカリの木 

As soon as we moved here, we planted a eucalyptus tree.

It was only 25cm tall, but it became about 5m tall in 2 years.

The leaves are green through the year, and the tree bears the cold of winter well. The leaves smell nice, so after cutting some branches I dyed some cloth with the leaves. The colour was between yellow and beige.

I also made some wreaths with the rest of the branches. I hung them near the windows, and thanks to that we don’t get a lot of bugs inside the house. I made some scarves with the cloth and gave them to neighbours and friends. One friend who likes going to the mountains told me that the scarf keeps the bugs away. I was so happy to hear that and got more eucalyptus trees and planted them everywhere in the garden. Except for the lemon eucalyptus, they are all growing very well. All I need now is some koala bears, but apparently they only eat a type of eucalyptus different from ours.

I could only buy eucalyptus trees through the internet before, but recently, I see them at the nearby home center. I would recommend these trees as they are very easy to look after. Just plant them!







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