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Linux リナックス

Before doing anything with my broken PC, I wanted to make a backup of the data.

My husband opened my PC, so that we could take out the SSD and copy the data to an external HD using his PC.

The SSD wasn’t what we expected.  The cable connector looked very different, and didn’t seem to fit any cable we have.

We thought a lot and finally decided to boot the broken PC using Linux.  He tried to make a bootable Linux USB, and he asked me if I had a bigger USB memory. 8 GB wasn’t enough.  I found a 16 GB one and we could manage to make a boot disk.  I was happy when I could start my PC and see all the files.  At least no data was lost.

Then we tried to copy the PC HD data to an external HD using Linux, but an error message appeared and we couldn’t see the external HD.  We tried another HD with the same result.  A USB memory worked OK but it wasn’t big enough.

We tried with my husbad’s external HD and it worked.  The difference between mine and his was the file system.  I use FAT, because I use my MacBook with all my external HD’s, and his was NTFS. NTFS is not compatible with MacBook but FAT is. Finally, we used Linux to copy the data from my PC HD to an NTFS external HD, my husbands PC to copy that to a FAT HD for backup, then some selected files to my MacBook so that I have a working PC with the data I need right away.

Anyway, I was able to back up all my data.  I would just use my PC with Linux instead of Windows, but I can’t do tax e-tax filing with Linux because so far, only Windows and I.E. will work. Also, I need to use Photoshop.

It will take some time before I can use my Windows PC again.  I have moved some data to my MacBook and will use it for now.  I will back up the MacBook very often.









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