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Accident 事故

The last time we went to Tokyo, we saw car accident and there was a traffic jam.

I only saw the accident for a split second as we passed in the opposite direction. I saw a car underneath a truck.  The truck was sideways across all 3 lanes in one direction. There was a traffic jam 5km long.  Apparently it became even longer after that.

The people in the traffic jam must have been upset, but they couldn’t do anything as there were no exits for many kilometers.  After seeing that, I thought I should be more careful driving to avoid an accident.

When we drove to Tokyo last month, a car about 200m in front of us turned on it’s hazard lights.  I didn’t know why, but when we got to about that place, I saw a truck pulled over and on fire.  I was frightened.

Maybe I see too many films and TV dramas. I said to my husband “If it had exploded just as we passed, we couldn’t have escaped”.  It probably wouldn’t have exploded right away because just a tire was on fire when we passed.

I don’t know what happened afterwards, I just hope the fire was extinguished soon.  We have a fire extinguisher in the car, but I’m not sure if I can do whatever I should do if the car caught on fire.







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