Holiday 3 休暇3

When we tell people that we are going for a holiday, we are always asked the same question.

“You are going for such a long time; what are you doing to do there?”

My sister went to Singapore for 4 days.  That means just two days in Singapore, as it takes one day to get there and another day to come back.

Last time, we went to Singapore, we were there for 6 days: 8 days including travel time.  My sister said that two days were enough as it was her third time to go there and she wondered how we could stay three times longer.

I said “One day at Universal Studios, one day at Singapore zoo, River Safari and Night Safari, one day at the aquarium, one day at Gardens by the bay, and one day for shopping.”

My sister was surprised because she didn’t know that there was a Universal Studios in Singapore.  She would have visited there if she knew.  She didn’t know about River Safari either.  She also missed seeing panda bears.

It was my tenth time to visit Singapore and I enjoyed every time.  There are always new attractions and some upgrades to the old attractions.