Holiday 休暇

We couldn’t go on a holiday overseas because I have been sick.

From April last year to April this year I have needed treatment for my heart so we didn’t go overseas.

I haven’t taken good photos for some time.  The photos I took more than 10 years ago are much better, but digital cameras at that time didn’t have enough pixels, so they look grainy once I expand them.

We have been thinking about going somewhere, and by coincidence one of my husband’s Canadian friends and his wife are visiting Singapore for business and a holiday, so we decided to meet them there.  It took us some time to figure out the best flight and hotel, but we managed to book them.

We last saw the friend about 10 years ago in Canada, so we are looking forward to it.

We have been to Singapore about 10 times before, but the last time was 4 years ago.  I always take a lot of photos there, so I have been thinking about which cameras and lenses I should take.