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Sorting photos 写真の整理

I have been taking photos and I used to save them on CDs

But I heard that the data could evaporate in several years time, so I decided to use external hard disks in 2002.  Once one of the hard disks broke so now I use 2 hard disks to save two copies.  The storage capacity of hard disks has become much bigger but still they fill up quickly if I save all the photos.

Therefore I decided to sort the photos.  Checking all the photos one by one, I often wonder why I kept some of them.  Some were out of focus, others were duplicates, and others were badly composed.

I was so happy when digital SLR became affordable.  I can now check the photos with my PC!  No need to develop negatives!  I can create an album in my PC and save them there!

I started taking more and more photos for each scene.  I had to be more careful taking each photo when I was using a film camera.  With SLR I can try many compositions without thinking of the cost.  Also, there is no worry about storage.  They are saved in my PC or inside a hard disk.  They don’t take a lot of space.  As a result, I saved all the photos I took.

I have finished sorting up to the middle of 2009 so far.  I will need a lot of time to do the rest.







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