Freezer 冷凍庫

Many years ago I lived in France for a year

My house was surrounded by grape fields for wine and the closest neighbour had a big farm.

Madame next door grew a lot of seasonal vegetables and she kept them in bottles or in her freezer.  It was a big family style freezer with a lid on the top.  She wrote the date on things before putting them in and ate the the oldest ones first.

I didn’t understand one thing though.  When she harvested asparagus every day, instead of eating them fresh, she put them straight into the freezer and took the previous year’s asparagus out to eat. She only ate asparagus during asparagus season.  She gave me some asparagus but it was always from the year before.

Eating seasonal vegetables in season is understandable, but why didn’t she eat the fresh ones?  She could put any excess harvested asparagus into the freezer and eat them little by little, or cook them for Christmas dinner.

Once I asked her, but with my limited French ability, I didn’t fully understand her answer.  I think she said “Freezing fresh vegetables keeps them fresh, so we eat fresh vegetables through the year!”

We have a neighbour here who has a freezer.  She grows vegetables and enjoys them during the harvest time.  She also gives some to neighbours and friends, and if she still has some left, she puts them into the freezer and eats them within two months.

I remembered my old French neighbour when I heard it.




ただひとつ私が理解できなかったことがあります。たとえばアスパラガスの時期に収穫、すると毎日採れたものを冷凍庫に入れ、前の年に収穫した冷凍のアスパラガスを出して食べるのです。  お裾分けをいただきましたが、冷凍庫から出したアスパラガスでした。