Crisis 危機感

We visited Vietnam a few years ago

In our hotel room the WiFi signal was weak, so we went to the business center to use the internet. In that room, there was a PC that anyone could use for a small fee.

We sat down there and used our own PCs. Then a young Japanese girl came in. She smiled at us and said “Hello!” cheerfully.  We said “Hello” to her too.

Then she started checking her email with the hotel PC.  She took her credit card out to use it.  In the middle of checking her email she noticed someone she knew in the lobby and left the room.

She left her wallet and credit card on the table and the PC was still open showing all her email.  We couldn’t leave the room, because if someone came and stole her wallet, we might be accused.  So we waited until she came back before leaving.

She must have thought we were two honest people, but it was risky thinking.