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Another Broken PC 壊れたPC

Wrong place, wrong time.

I happened to be at our community office.  When I was ready to leave, I noticed one of the office staff struggling with his PC.  I shouldn’t have said it, but I did.  “Is anything wrong?”

He said he couldn’t start the PC.  The symptoms looked very similar to what I had experienced with my own PC a few months earlier.  I was anxious, but I tried to help him by searching on the internet.  Nothing worked.

I gave up and told him that it might be possible to save any data on the hard drive that he wanted to keep. In my case I had used Linux to save the data from my broken PC.

The next day he brought his PC to my house and asked me to save the data, as he didn’t know how to do it.

My husband and I worked on it for a few hours and finally managed to recover the data.  Then I tried again to start the PC, but couldn’t.

The office staff was very happy that I could save the data.  I was happy too.








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