Weather 天気

The weather forecast said it would be good weather for trekking so we went to a mountain.

On the way there, we had some rain, but we still hoped that it would be clear by he time we got there.  Then it became foggy.  When we arrived at the destination, it started raining more, but we believed that it would stop.

We started walking. The rain became harder and harder. Also, the temperature dropped to 4°C.  It was cold.  We had to decide what to do.  Then the rain became really hard so we decided not to go on and started walking back to the car.

When we got to the car, it had stopped raining and the sky became blue.  It felt a pity to stop, but it wouldn’t be easy to walk on the wet trekking path, so we decided to go somewhere else.

When we arrived at the next destination, the sky was blue, but it was very windy. It was even hard to open the car door.  We ate lunch in the car then started heading home.

The second place was very beautiful, we thought it might be even more beautiful in autumn, so we will go back there again.

Mountain weather can change rapidly, so it is best to be flexible and not try too hard to follow the original plan.