Acute low-tone sensorineural hearing loss 急性低音障害型感音難聴

I felt some hearing loss one day when I got up in the morning

I tried to listen with just the left or right ear, and it was obvious that both ears were not the same.

Once I downloaded an application for hearing test to my smartphone for my husband, so I checked my hearing with it.  I had to download another application as the one I had wasn’t good enough.  The new application had enough features even though it was free.

The result of the test was that my right ear had some hearing loss. We were planning a short trip in few days so I decided to see a doctor.

After some tests, the doctor told me that I had ‘Acute low-tone sensorineural hearing loss’.  He said the sooner I started treatment the better my chance to be cured.

The result of the smartphone test and the clinic test were almost the same.  The doctor gave me some medicine, but he told me “If you feel that your hearing gets worse, come to see me even you still have the medicine”.  So when I feel that I can’t hear well, I check my ears with the smartphone to sure, then I go to see the doctor again.  So far, he has changed the medicine a few times and I have had no hearing problem for the last week.