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A New Camera 新しいカメラ

I always take a lot of photos at Singapore Zoo.

For scenery, Nikon Df with a fixed lens is good, but I need a long lens for the animals so I am planning to get a new camera and lens.

I only have Nikon lenses, so I will buy a Nikon camera.

We went to an electric shop when we went shopping for food.  I was surprised that the camera and lens together were so light.

I used a heavy camera and lens last time in Singapore.  I could take good photos, but my arms were very tired after 2 hours.

I would like to take a lot of photos, not only at the zoo but also in other places in Singapore.


景色にはNikon Dfが良いのですが、望遠レンズが使いたいので新しいカメラとレンズを買おうかと思っています。





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