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After much consideration, I bought an iMAC.

I decided to get an iMAC because I can add RAM memory up to 64GB.  At the moment, it has 40GB.  I chose a 29 inch display.  We removed the printer from the desk so there is room to keep the old display as a second monitor.  This will make it easier to edit photos.

I had to call the Epson help desk to get two of the printers working over the home wireless network.  I also had to get a new USB hub as all the iMAC ports are at the back of the display.  I could have used the one I had for MacBook, but I got a new one so that I can leave it plugged in.

I managed to move all the user data from the old Windows PC but it took some time.  I could also install the software I needed.

It will take some time to get used to the new keyboard.  I had only one big problem so far.  I will write about it later.





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