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New Year Hike 新年初ハイキング

We went hiking for the first time this year

It was raining until the early morning, but then it became just cloudy and the weather forecast was optimistic, so we went to a mountain, 377m high.

It was a bit steep, but we managed to walk to the top in about 30 minutes.  The scenery was beautiful.  We could see the mountains all around.  We managed to take some photos, but then the mountains became hidden by clouds.

After waiting a bit it cleared up again so I thought I could take some more shots with blue sky.  I was setting the camera when suddenly I could see no blue sky any more.

Well, we can’t help it.  Once we came down, it became sunny with a blue sky.  I didn’t want to go back up the mountain again.  Hope for the best next year.






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