Flag Festival 旗祭り

Kohata-no-hatamaturi (Flag festival in Kohata) is said to be one of the biggest flag festivals in Japan.

When we left home in the morning, it was -1℃ and cloudy.  By the time we got to Kohata, it was getting warm and sunny.

There were a lot of flags carried by men in traditional clothes, all walking up Mount Kohata.  The flags looked very heavy so it was fortunate there was no wind.  It would have been much harder if it had been windy.

We climbed up Mt. Kohata ahead of them.  It was hard enough without carrying anything heavy.

Kohata is a village in the mountains.  Many houses are built on the side of the mountain. The festival itself was very nice.  We could walk with them.  They were offering sake to everyone.

There were a lot of photographers as they have a photo contest.  Some of them knew the best spots to take photos and were waiting there for the procession to pass by.