Mt. Asahi-dake 旭岳 

We took a cable car to Mt. Asahi-dake

It was a slightly cloudy day, but it is hard to know what the weather will be in the mountains, so we went there all the same.  When we got there, it was sunny with a blue sky.

The cable car took us up to 1600m, and we saw some people walking from there up to the top using snowshoes.  We had our own snowshoes, but walking to the top would have been too much for us.

We could see some fumaroles part way up the mountain, so we decided to walk up to there.  It took longer than I expected, but we managed to get there.  I heard that there is a fence around the fumaroles to protect the plants there from people, but in winter the fence and the plants are both under deep snow so we could go very close.

I also heard that is it rare to have such good weather, sunny and with no wind.  We were lucky.