Fruit trees  果物の木 

The first land we bought was about 500㎡.

Three years after we moved, we were offered to buy some more land. Not only was it a very good deal, but also we had been thinking of buying it to protect the good view of the mountains from our windows, so we said yes. We don’t plan to build a house there, just to keep it as it is.

We did feel the need to plant something as it looked bare. At the same time, we got some blueberry and blackberry bushes from a neighbour. We also bought two chestnut trees and 3 cherry trees, thinking the trees would grow without any special care.

We also have plum trees in front of our house. The flowers are pretty at the beginning of spring. We feel spring is on the way, and soon the trees start to have plums. They don’t belong to us, but no one comes to pick them as they are so close to our house. Last year, we gathered 4 buckets of plums every day for 2 weeks. I gave them to neighbours and friends.

Making plum juice with a rice cooker is very easy. It makes a tasty drink when we are feeling the heat of summer.