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Step counter 歩数計

When I lived in Tokyo, I carried a step counter and tried to walk at least 10000 steps a day

The commute itself was already 6000 steps, plus a trip to the convenience store during break and a walk to a restaurant for lunch, so it wasn’t that difficult to walk 10000 steps a day.

Now there’s no commute and we go almost everywhere by car, so it became hard to walk 10000 steps a day.  So I decided to aim for 6500 steps a day.

If I stay in front of my PC most of the day, it is less than 1500 steps. If I go to a supermarket, 5000 steps.  Gardening for 2 hours, 4000 steps.  Going for a walk for 40 minutes, 4700 steps.

Once it became more than 7000 steps just cleaning inside the house.  I decided to clean the 2 rooms upstairs, as they were quite messy.  I go up and down the stairs many times, sometimes for no reason.

I went to get something downstairs and once I was there, I didn’t remember what I came for.  So I went back upstairs and down again once I remembered what to get. My memory is not as good as before.  It happened several times so I tried to repeat what I needed inside my head.

Also I went to the basement storage many times.  As a result I walked more than 7000 steps, and it felt like good exercise since I went up and down the stairs so many times.









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