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Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband 活動量計 

I have been using a “Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband” since last November.

After the first catheter ablation, I wanted to check my heart rate, so I bought a “Fitbit Charge2”.  It can also check my sleep hours and count my steps too.  Of course it can also show the time and date.

It communicates  with my iPhone using Bluetooth and can save the data.  I can also download the data to my iPad, so I can see the data on a bigger screen.  When the step counter reaches 6500 the Fitbit vibrates.  Why 6500?  My diet program application gives me points if I spend a burn a certain number of calories in a day, and 6500 steps meets the target, so I set the Fitbit to that number.

After the first catheter ablation, my resting heart rate went down almost to 40 beats per minute. When the heartbeat is irregular the Fitbit only counts the stronger beats, so this very low heart rate was actually indicating arrhythmia.  After the second catheter ablation, my resting heart rate is between 57 and 60 per minute.

All I need to do to collect the data is to wear a watch, so it is very convenient.


カテーテルアブレーション後、心拍数を調べたいと思いFitbit Charge2を買いました。これは心拍数だけでなく睡眠の状態、歩数もわかります、もちろん時間も (^^)




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