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Cats Island 猫島

Otogi-jima is famous as cats island.

The weather looked good, so we decided to go there.  It took about 35 minutes by boat.

We got on the 10:00 boat.  I expected to see a lot of cats when we arrived at the port but there was only one cat there.  We walked a bit, and found another cat.  We kept on walking, but didn’t find any more cats near the port.

Then we decided to go to the lighthouse which is on the other side of the island.  It was quite a long walk.  At the light house there was a sign pointing up to a view point, so we started walking there.  It was hard.

We found “Tank rock” and “Jii-no-ana” near the view point.  We saw no other people at all. We went almost back to the lighthouse and then followed another walking course going around the island.  It was longer than we expected and took more than 2 hours.  I was planning to take the 13:00 boat going back, but decided to take the 15:00 one instead.

When we got to Toyotamahime shrine near the port we finally saw some more cats.  We also found some more cats near the port.  I took a lot of photos.







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