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Hospital 病院

I stayed in the hospital four times since I retired.

One appendix removal, once to check the status of my heart and twice for catheter ablation.

My heart seems to be cured after the second catheter ablation, but I still have two appointments in July and October.  I will have to go once more to know the result of the tests.

I have regular visits to an optician and an ear doctor.  My husband has once-a-year visits to a bone doctor as his hip joints were replaced with artificial ones.

Luckily we take no medication, but going to the hospital takes a lot of time.  I have to write doctor visit appointments in my smartphone and set the alarm so that we don’t forget them.  How could I remember the day and time one year later, since I tend to forget things easily?  As long as I don’t forget to write them down, it’s OK, isn’t it?







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