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Luck of sleep 睡眠不足

For some time, I am tired.

I get sleepy after breakfast, after lunch and in the early evening.  I also become sleepy in the car, so recently the length of time that I can drive is shorter than before.  I used to drive about 70 % the drive when we went out, but now, I drive less than 30%.  Also I need to drink more coffee, especially when I know I have to drive.

According to my sleeping record taken with Fitbit charge2, my average sleeping time is about 6 hours a night, the average for my age category is 7 hours so it is a bit too short.  The quality of sleep is no problem according to the record.

Everyday became Sunday after we retired, so we don’t need an alarm clock any more except when we make a promise to other people.  At this time of the year it gets bright earlier so we tend to wake up early.

I know the solution. I just need to go to bed earlier.  Somehow it is difficult as I don’t get sleepy until late at night.



Fitbit charge2 で録った記録によると平均睡眠時間は6時間ぐらいです。私の年代の平均睡眠時間は7時間ぐらいなので、確かに多少少ないのかもしれません。睡眠の質は記録によると問題なさそうです。



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