Kaminoko-ike Pond 神の子池

We snow hiked up to Kaminoko-Ike pond

When there is no snow, you can drive and park the car very close to the pond, but during the winter you have to park on the side of the main road and walk the last two km to the pond because of the snow.  We intended to give up the walk if there were no other people snow hiking.

There were no other cars parked on the side of the road. However, the weather was good and we didn’t need to worry about getting lost as there is only one road to the pond, so we started walking with snowshoes. There were some old footprints, from maybe a few days ago, but it seemed that we were the first to walk to the pond today.

We reached the pond in about 40 minutes. The water in the pond was clear and blue, and we saw several kinds of birds.  It was quiet with no one else there. I took a lot of photos while walking around the pond.

It was about 1 hour and 40 minutes of walking altogether.  It wasn’t a long distance and not a long time to walk, but it was hard walking on the soft snow.