Bug bite 虫さされ

Caution! Hairy Caterpillars

Four days ago, we checked how the plums were growing on the trees, and we found a lot of hairy caterpillars in one of them.  We cut the worst branches off with pruning shears.

Then we went for a walk and while doing that, my husband started scratching his right leg.  Once we got home, we had a closer look and it looked like he was eaten by bugs.  His right leg had a lot of red spots.

Next day, the red spots spread to his right arm and in the evening, more red spots appeared.  We checked on the internet and it seemed that the hairy caterpillar’s hair was causing them.  So we decided to go to see the doctor.

We got some ointment and the doctor said that it might take about one week to be cured.

We should be more careful with those hairy caterpillars.