Scam 2 詐欺 2

I got another SMS message

This time, I thought someone wanted to steal my email address.

I wouldn’t believe such a message to start with, and also I don’t have a gmail address starting “ma”, so I just ignored it.

Then I got a LINE message from a friend whose PC I had helped to set up. She wrote that a warning message had appeared on her PC saying “You need to restore your Microsoft account”.

I suddenly remembered that when I had helped her, I used my cell phone number to set up the PC.  I had told her that “I will leave my phone number on the Microsoft account so that If anything goes wrong I will get a message from Microsoft.”  The email address I used for the account was hers and started with “ma”.

As I gotten the Amazon scam message just before, I thought it was another scam, and my friend didn’t tell me right away when she got the message on her PC. It took some time before I could restore the Microsoft account.

I should have been more careful.